We use the law to fight for climate justice

We use the law to fight for climate justice

We use the law to fight for climate justiceWe use the law to fight for climate justice

Climate Justice Resources

Fossil fuels cause climate change

Carbon Majors Research

The Climate Justice Programme pioneered research into historical responsibility for climate change. Read more about the history of this work. 

We commissioned the groundbreaking Carbon Majors Research which found that just 90 oil, coal and gas producers are responsible for 63% of Earth's cumulative CO2 emissions (available below).

Read Richard Heede's journal article in Climatic Change (external link).

Climate Justice Report

More and more individuals, communities, organisations and  countries are considering climate litigation as 21 years of talks within  UNFCCC have resulted in inadequate climate action. Climate litigation  has seen tremendous progress worldwide as recent successful cases  against governments in the Netherlands, Pakistan and the US show. 

Our report 'Climate Justice: The international momentum towards climate litigation' assesses current and pending climate litigation in the light of  the Paris Agreement. 

Making a Killing Report

Our report “Making a killing – who pays the real costs of big oil, coal and gas” looks at the costs of climate change through extreme events,  such as droughts or storms and slow-onset events such as the rising sea  levels, and compares it to the profits made by carbon majors in the same  periods. To address these disparaties it suggests the “Carbon Levy  Project”. 

The suggested mechanism would extract a levy from carbon  majors for every ton of CO2 emissions caused. The money generated would  then be used for the international mechanism for loss and damage,  unlocking additional funding to fight climate change and holding those  responsible who caused a major part of it.


Key reports and resources related to climate justice are available here for download.