About Us

What is the Climate Justice Programme?

The Climate Justice Programme (CJP) is an independent not for  profit, non-government organisation that uses the law to expose  environmental and human rights issues relating to climate change.


We are a group of lawyers, academics and campaigners who support the  development and execution of strategic initiatives to address global  climate change. We seek to raise awareness and engagement in climate law  through long standing global networks of lawyers and international  organisations.

The CJP is the only program globally that has been established with  the sole purpose to work collaboratively with lawyers, campaigners and  scientists in this innovative field.

The CJP does not accept funding, gifts or donations from any major greenhouse gas emitters or producers.

What is our Vision?


We are dedicated to the pursuit of climate justice, through the development of climate law.

We advocate for the protection of the environment through seeking to  reduce the impact of and mitigate the risk of climate change caused by  the emission of greenhouse gases, through policy and legislative reform  and strategic litigation, education and professional development.

What is our Mission?

 To use the law to protect the natural environment and people from the adverse impacts of climate change. 

What are our values?

Our value are:

  1. Climate justice;
  2. Social justice;
  3. Human rights;
  4. Creativity, innovation and excellence;
  5. Working in partnership;
  6. Inclusiveness, respect and self-determination;
  7. Leading by example;
  8. Social responsibility as an organisation;
  9. Environmental sustainability;
  10. Diversity and equality;
  11. Respect for Indigenous peoples.

How can you contribute?

There are lots of ways that you can contribute to climate justice, whether you are a lawyer, a law student or a concerned member of the community. 

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