Moving REDD+ beyond carbon non-carbon benefits at COP 19 and beyond

REDD+ has the potential to contribute to a range of social, environmental and governance benefits. While greenhouse gas emission reductions (or “carbon benefits”) have been the main focus in REDD+ discussions, there is growing recognition that delivering Non-Carbon Benefits (NCBs) will be crucial to achieving carbon benefits that are permanent – and so, crucial to the long-term success of REDD+ programmes. These benefits go beyond the safeguards required for REDD+ and enhance the potential positive relationships between carbon and biodiversity, livelihoods and governance. While the REDD+ safeguards exist to ensure that REDD+ both does no harm and, in fact, achieves some positive benefits, NCBs ensure that emission reductions are sustainable over time, and they are valuable in their own right. Priority should therefore be given to REDD+ activities that maximize NCBs.

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