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Recommendation for Doha: Results-based payments, non-carbon benefits, and links to the Convention on Biological Diversity

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Results-based payments for REDD+ should include payments for other environmental and social benefits and governance outcomes as well as carbon benefits. It would be premature in Doha to define “results” of REDD+ in terms of carbon only given the diverging views that exist. A more in-depth discussion of broader results is needed. We believe it […]

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The road to Lima: REDD+ safeguards implementation and information systems

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The 2013 Warsaw Framework for REDD+ agreed upon at the last climate conference (COP191) was a positive step forward. Several contentious issues, for example in relation to measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) and results-based finance, were decided, providing a positive signal to countries on proceeding with their REDD+ activities. However, there is unfinished business on […]

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Moving REDD+ beyond carbon non-carbon benefits at COP 19 and beyond

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REDD+ has the potential to contribute to a range of social, environmental and governance benefits. While greenhouse gas emission reductions (or “carbon benefits”) have been the main focus in REDD+ discussions, there is growing recognition that delivering Non-Carbon Benefits (NCBs) will be crucial to achieving carbon benefits that are permanent – and so, crucial to […]

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Back to basic on REDD+ safeguards and finance

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This briefing paper by the REDD+ Safeguards Working Group (R-SWG)1 draws on: 1. Critical analyses by the R-SWG of the UNFCCC’s recommendations on REDD+ Safeguards and on Safeguards Information Systems (SIS), which are elaborated in detail in previous briefing papers; and 2. Best practice case studies from the ground that R-SWG has gathered from shared […]

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No safeguards, no results, no finance

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Effective implementation of safeguards is essential for achieving lasting results and creating the enabling environment necessary to attract and sustain long-term finance. Co-founding partner: REDD Safeguards 

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Recommendations to SBSTA on Safeguards Information Systems

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At COP 17, Parties adopted guidance on safeguards information systems (SIS).1 In the decision Parties requested SBSTA to consider the timing and frequency of the provision of information from the SIS and to consider the need for further guidance on the SIS.2 Since 2011, countries have started to develop policies and institutions for REDD+, including […]

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Seeing REDD: Complaints and Grievance Redress Mechanisms

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Effective implementation of REDD+ will necessitate governance reform and legal preparedness, including in many cases strengthened institutional, legal and policy frameworks and law enforcement capacity. Existing laws will need to be reformed and! new ones developed.