Ecosystems Climate Justice Project

The Climate Justice Programme has received funding from the Ford Foundation to conduct work on a project called the ‘Ecosystems Climate Justice Project’. As part of this project are engaging in international and national advocacy over 2012 to influence the REDD+ negotiations concerning the system design in which guidance and modalities are being developed on safeguards, reference levels and monitoring and MRV. This work is being undertaken as part of the Ecosystems Climate Alliance (“ECA”) which is a highly respected coalition of environmental and social NGOs aimed specifically at achieving an effective international outcome on REDD+ and preventing perversities. ECA brings together organisations with a unique mix of expertise on climate change, forests, wetlands, natural resource governance and the rights of indigenous peoples and forest dependent communities.

Our advocacy will be complemented by research and the gathering of first-hand information from local people with direct experience of demonstration projects, focusing on the pilot province of Central Kalimantan. We will analyze governance, particularly with respect to conflict resolution, and the extent to which the safeguards are being implemented and the consistency of legal infrastructure at national and sub-national levels with the international framework.

In addition to our advocacy work at national and international level, the ECJP will undertake a case study on Central Kalimantan and develop recommendations concerning a conflict resolution mechanism. Declared by the Indonesian Government as a pilot REDD+ province, Central Kalimantan is one of the prime flash points. The area is a focus for the Governments of Norway ($1 billion commitment) and Australia ($30 million commitment). Central Kalimantan presents one of the most complex situations in Indonesia when it comes to land tenure and complaints have already been raised in the international media and submitted to the Australian and Indonesian governments.