Carbon Majors Funding Loss and Damage

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Fossil fuel producers (the “Carbon Majors”) should pay for the loss and damage their product is causing on poor communities via a levy to the International Mechanism for Loss and Damage. Billions of people in poor communities are innocent victims in the climate change equation. They pollute the least, yet they are already suffering from […]

Joint Petition with the US-based Earthjustice for action to protect World Heritage sites from the impacts of black carbon air pollution

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In January 2009 we lodged a joint petition with the US-based Earthjustice to UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee requesting action at their next meeting to protect World Heritage sites from the global warming impacts of black carbon air pollution, which accelerates the impacts of global warming in high latitude and high altitude regions. Such glacier loss […]

Petition to list the Greater Blue Mountains on the List of World Heritage in Danger

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In 2007, we lodged a petition with the World Heritage Committee stating that climate change poses a direct threat to the World Heritage-listed eucalypt forests of the Blue Mountains and urgent steps must be taken to protect it. The petition called for the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area to be listed as ‘in danger’ and […]

Petition to list the Great Barrier Reef on the List of World Heritage in Danger

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In September 2004, we petitioned the World Heritage Committee to put the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area (GBRWHA) on the ‘in danger’ list due to the threat posed by climate change. The GBRWHA was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1981 as a natural property possessing world heritage values. Our petition was supported […]


Human rights or climate wrongs: is Tuvalu the canary in the coal mine?

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Ecosystems Climate Justice Project

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The Climate Justice Programme has received funding from the Ford Foundation to conduct work on a project called the ‘Ecosystems Climate Justice Project’. As part of this project are engaging in international and national advocacy over 2012 to influence the REDD+ negotiations concerning the system design in which guidance and modalities are being developed on […]