Alaska Supreme Court heard Children’s Case

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The Supreme Court of Alaska has heard a case brought by children seeking an order to reverse global warming. Nelson Kanuk v. State of Alaska concerns the question of whether the Alaska Constitution requires the State to protect the atmosphere as a public trust resource for present and future generations. Read more.

Climate change book reaches #1

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‘Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples: The Search for Legal Remedies’ has reached #1 today on the Amazon Best Sellers list for books on indigenous peoples. Keely Boom, Executive Officer of the Climate Justice Programme Inc, contributed a chapter entitled ‘The Rising Tide of International Climate Litigation: An Illustrative Hypothetical of Tuvalu v Australia’. The book […]

Road sharing: Time for talk is over

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Filipino youth leaders have filed petitions for the Road Sharing Movement. This movement calls for the Philippine Government  to transform the road and transportation system from the present car-based system to one that is more fair and more people-friendly. Using a little known law on people’s initiative, young Filipino leaders, backed by their lawyers, have filed petitions to […]

Photo by CIFOR.
Environmental groups welcome ACMA finding against 2GB over climate science

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The Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA) and Climate Justice Programme (CJP) welcome findings by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (AMCA) that 2GB breached the Commercial Radio Australia’s Codes of Practice and Guidelines by failing to use reasonable efforts to ensure that factual material was reasonably supportable as being accurate. The investigation was launched after […]

Youth Sue the US Government to Halt Climate Change under Public Trust Doctrine

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Youth have filed lawsuits against the US federal government and all 50 states to ensure a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and to prevent climate catastrophe. The lawsuits rely on the long established legal principle of the public trust doctrine. The public trust doctrine requires the government to protect and maintain certain shared resources fundamental […]