Fossil fuels subsidised by $10m a minute, says IMF

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Fossil fuel companies are benefitting from global subsidies of $5.3tn (£3.4tn) a year, equivalent to $10m a minute every day, according to a startling new estimate by the International Monetary Fund. The IMF calls the revelation “shocking” and says the figure is an “extremely robust” estimate of the true cost of fossil fuels. The $5.3tn […]

Urgenda pic (1)
Landmark climate lawsuit in the Netherlands

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A landmark climate lawsuit (Urgenda v Netherlands) has been heard this week in the Netherlands. The Urgenda Foundation and its co-plaintiffs seek to hold the Dutch Government responsible for failing to take sufficient measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause dangerous climate change. The Urgenda case is the first of its kind to be filed […]

Carbon Majors funding Loss and Damage (Spanish version)

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A Spanish version of our short summary of the proposal for a levy on the Carbon Majors to fund the nternational Loss and Damage Mechanism is available here: Carbon Majors Funding Loss and Damage (Spanish) ¡Los que contaminan pagan! Los Grandes del Carbono Pago por pérdidas y daños Los productores de combustibles fósiles (los “Grandes del Carbono”) […]

The Palcacocha lake. Photograph: GermanWatch
Peruvian farmer demands compensation from RWE

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A Peruvian farmer is demanding that the German energy company, RWE, pay compensation for its role in causing historical climate change. RWE is one of the “Carbon Majors” identified by research commissioned by the Climate Justice Programme and published in the journal Climatic Change. The plaintiff, Saul Luciano Lliuya, has demanded that RWE pay part of […]

Cash for Climate Denial

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An investigation has revealed that infamous climate change denying researcher Willie Soon, of the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA), took more than $1.2 million dollars from the fossil fuel industry (potentially $1.5 million from fossils if Donors Trust funding is included) while authoring a number of highly controversial scientific journal articles challenging the scientific […]