Climate justice: international momentum towards litigation

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Climate litigation will dwarf all other litigation in terms of both the number of plaintiffs and the timeframe over which it can happen, according to a new report released by the Climate Justice Programme. The report, “Climate Justice: The international momentum towards climate litigation” looks at the growing number of climate litigation cases being taken […]

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Carbon Levy Project – Joint Declaration to Springboard from Paris

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Declaration The Paris climate summit was an opportunity for countries to acknowledge the seriousness of climate change and the need to urgently decarbonise our economies.  However the Paris agreement will not be enough to stop climate change impacting the most vulnerable communities.  Its impact is already being felt in all corners of the globe.  Vulnerable […]

Making a Killing: Who Pays the Real Costs of Big Oil, Coal and Gas?

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As the death toll rises after the Philippines’ 12th typhoon this year, a new report questions the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies making billions in profits without paying for any of the climate damage their product is causing. “Making a Killing: Who pays the real costs of big oil, coal and gas?” released today in […]

Stephen Leonard
The Capitalism Tribunal creates a space, that doesn’t exist

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Stephen Leonard, President of the Climate Justice Programme, offers his thoughts on the fossil fuel industry’s role in the climate crisis. The Capitalism Tribunal might hear a case on this critical topic of climate justice. »The Capitalism Tribunal creates a space, that doesn’t exist!« from Haus Bartleby on Vimeo.

Who are the Carbon Majors?
Human Rights, Climate Change, Fossil Fuels and Civil Society

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Blog post by Julie-Anne Richards, the Climate Justice Programme’s Manager of International Policy: Last week I participated in the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre’s event on Climate Change and International Human Rights Law.  Below are my speaking notes. “My name is Julie-Anne Richards, and I’m here today partly in my capacity as Oxfam and […]

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