Meet Climate Lawyer: Bernadinus Steni

Kalimantan deforestation

Meet climate lawyer, Bernadinus Steni, who lives and works in Indonesia.

Bernadinus Steni
Bernadinus Steni

I’ve been working on research for CJP related to the REDD+ grievance mechanism, particularly for Indonesia. I’ve assessed the REDD+ legal architecture, conflict and grievance mechanisms under the Indonesian legal system. Parallel with this work is deepening the analysis of underlying problems of conflict that are raised in REDD+ demonstration activities.

My vision is to bring the climate discussion back to the people on the ground. They are the ones that make a real movement for climate by practice, not by politics.

I think it’s a big challenge to bring down to the earth the concept of climate justice. Issues related to human rights, governance and environmental justice are not easy when they deal with the concrete task of halting deforestation, securing tenure rights and preventing corruption.

For me, working with CJP is a way to initiate making “CJ” as a task on the ground.

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