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Supporting climate legal initiatives

The CJP is pleased to announce that we have successfully commenced a new initiative to establish the Climate Justice Fund, intended to provide financial and strategic support to legal initiatives related to climate change.

We have established a Transitional Committee, which has succeeded in the development of the Governing Instrument for the Fund and work is now being undertake to establish the Board of the Fund as well as finalising other administrative arrangements and resource mobilisation.

The Transitional Committee is made up of legal experts in the field who have kindly donated their time to serve in their individual capacities across regions (organisational affiliation provided for information purposes only).

The Transitional Committee

Christoph Schwarte – Germany / Europe (Director, Legal Response Initiative)

ChristophChristoph is a German lawyer with over fifteen years of practical experience in different arenas of international   environmental law. He is the executive director of the Legal Response Initiative – a London based charity that provides free legal advice to climate vulnerable developing countries and NGOs. He was a member of the International  Law Association’s Committee that developed legal principles related to climate change (adopted in 2014) and has been  actively involved the international climate negotiation for many years.

Vositha Wijanayaki – International Lawyer Sri Lanka / Asia 

vosithaVositha is an attorney at law specialising in international human rights law, and environmental law. She works  on climate change and sustainable development, and focuses on adaptation, loss and damage as well as how climate  change overlaps with issues on human rights and gender.  She works as Policy and Advocacy  Coordinator for Climate Action Network South Asia, Regional Facilitator for Asia for Southern Voices on Adaptation  program, and co chairs the legal working group of Climate Action Network International.

Dr Tony La Vina – The Philippines / Asia (Law Professor and Dean, Ateneo School of Government, Manilla)

Lavina headTony is a teacher, thinker and lawyer – a social entrepreneur and an environmental and human rights advocate. He is currently Dean of the Ateneo School of Government. Tony is highly experienced in the law as it relates to climate change, biodiversity, extractive industries, land tenure, and indigenous peoples’ rights. Tony has been active in the climate change negotiations since COP 1 in Berlin, Germany and believes that a Climate Justice Fund is an idea whose time  has come.

Robert Chimambo – Zambia / Southern Africa (Executive Committee Member, Pan African Climate Justice Alliance)

ROBERT copyRobert has thirty years’ experience and participation in local national and regional campaigns and advocacy for  protection of community rights, access to water, forests, climate change, wildlife and fisheries resources. He has undertaken successful environmental litigation against  development, groundwater pollution around Lusaka and Chalimbana River Headwaters and is currently  litigating in the High Court  of Zambia to stop mining in the Lower Zambezi  National Park.

Benson Owuor Ochieng – Kenya / Northern Africa (Executive Director, Institute for Law and Environmental Governance (ILEG) and Partner at Ochieng Ochieng & Company Advocates

BensonBenson is the Executive Director of the Institute for Law an Environmental Governance (ILEG) in Nairobi. He is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya, and a lecturer at the University of Nairobi’s Centre for Advanced Studies in Environmental Law and Policy. He has worked as advisor to many national and international organizations, governments, and regional integration bodies on climate change, sustainable development policy and environmental diplomacy.

Kristin Casper – United States / North America (Legal Counsel, Greenpeace International)

Kristin HeadshotKristin is a climate law specialist and serves as legal counsel for Greenpeace International. She advises on international environmental law and legal aspects of campaigning in the areas of climate change, energy, toxics, water and forests related issues. Kristin is a registered attorney with the Colorado Bar and holds certificate in Natural Resources and Environmental Law and is deeply committed to climate justice and bringing about the clean energy revolution.

Jennifer Gleason – United States / North America (Staff Attorney, ELAW)

Jen is the Staff Attorney for the U.S. office of the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW).  Jen manages ELAW’s Legal Assistance Program and collaborates with lawyers around the world. Jen‘s current focus is helping lawyers challenge global warming by promoting laws that encourage the production of electricity from renewable sources, and challenging projects that produce harmful greenhouse gases.

Juan Carlos Carrillo – Mexico / Central America (Lawyer, Mexican Centre for Environmental Law)

foto JC

Juan Carlos is a lawyer based in Mexico City experienced in a range of environmental legal services including analysis of legislation and environmental policies, regulations and standards and legal counsel. Juan Carlos has developed the “Legal Guide for owners of forests in Mexico”, the Forestry Law in 2012, the draft of Mexico’s City Climate Change Law and wrote the Climate Action Program for the State of Chiapas. He has worked within the  UNFCCC negotiations since 2011.

Ezio Costa Cordella – Chile / South America (Executive Director, FIMA)

Ezio is a Lawyer at Universidad de Chile. Msc Regulation London School of Economics and Political Science. He is Executive Director of the Chilen NGO FIMA. Ezio is also Researcher at the Center of Regulation and Competition, Universidad de Chile Law School and Professor of Environmental Law and Regulation, Universidad de Chile.


Dr Keely Boom –Australia / Indigenous Peoples (Executive Officer – Climate Justice Programme)

Keely is an Australian lawyer of aboriginal heritage with experience in law and policy in private practice, non-profit organisations and academia. She has been Executive Officer of the Climate Justice Programme since 2008 and was previously employed at Greenpeace International and the International Institute of Humanitarian Law in Italy. Keely holds a PhD on the application of international law to climate change damage.

Stephen Leonard – President – Climate Justice Programme 

Stephen LeonardStephen is the President of the Climate Justice Programme and an Australian Lawyer. He has over a decade of experience in commercial litigation including the law as it relates to misleading and deceptive conduct, legal cases against large corporates and government and has significant expertise in expert evidence and strategic litigation. Stephen has also provided advice to Civil Society, Intergovernmental Organisations, and developing country governments since 2008 in the international climate change negotiations at the UNFCCC.


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