Forests in a sustainable world – CIFOR presentation at the UN SDG meeting

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Dr. Daju Resosudarmo of the Center for International Forestry Research will speak on “Forests in Sustainable Development” in the UN General Assembly on 4 February starting at 9 a.m. EST (4 p.m. GMT); her presentation will be shown live online at webtv.un.org. The Open Working Group’s website will post supporting materials after the meeting; Dr. Resosudarmo’s […]


Large scale agriculture investments and the transformation of the global landscape

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By the Global Donor Platform Secretariat Rapid land transformation driven by large scale investments is one of the big trends defining this century. In this virtual briefing for Platform members agriculture expert Deborah Bossio dismisses the cry for more investments often heard in development circles. From her perspective a lack of investments is not the […]