What we do

Research and Development of Legal Strategy

The CJP initiatives and develops climate law strategies, including litigation, legislative reform and other ‘soft’ legal initiatives. In many cases, the CJP takes a lead role in the development of a legal action, and then partners with another organisation or other plaintiff to execute the action.

We initiate, conduct and commission independent research that enhances understanding of climate justice and law.

The CJP works to ensure that climate litigation is strategic and linked to principles of climate justice and prevention of dangerous climate change.

Education and Training

The CJP conducts research into a variety of areas relating to climate justice and law which are made available on the website. These reports and other publications are designed to raise awareness, disseminate information and stimulate further interest and research.

CJP speakers provide educational lectures and seminars at community, professional and academic events including the United Nations.

Throughout the CJP website and Climate Law Database we aim to provide information and materials on climate justice and law, including information on legal actions we are aware of. Recent cases are highlighted in our Latest News and our Climate Law Database may be searched by the public for free.

The CJP provides a free E-Bulletin which provides a highlight of recent climate law news.


The CJP seeks to empower individuals, groups and organisations to be advocates for climate justice. We work with individuals, groups and organisations across jurisdictions to support the development of strategic climate law initiatives.

The CJP has a specific program for lawyers, law students and law academics. Our email discussion list is open to these people to sign up and join the legal movement’s debate about climate justice and law. Legal professionals are encouraged to think innovatively about these issues.

We seek to provide effective pathways for people (including students and graduates) to get involved in climate law.

Networking and Collaboration

The CJP convenes and attends meetings of interested lawyers, campaigners, scientists and experts. It provides a hub for those interested in climate law and initiates projects, including Submissions and Petitions, on priority issues.

The CJP email discussion list provides a forum for legal professionals to network and collaborate on the issues of climate justice and law.

The CJP websites and associated social media platforms provide a means for the wider public to network and collaborate on these critical issues.


The CJP engages with traditional and social media networks to raise awareness of climate justice and law. The CJP regularly updates its websites to provide a source of information for the media, legal community and the public.