Our Team

Dr Keely Boom (Executive Officer)

Keely Boom is a lawyer based in rural Australia with many years of experience in law and policy from her work in private practice, non-profit organisations and academia. She has been Executive Officer of the Climate Justice Programme since 2008. Keely has been previously employed at Greenpeace International in The Netherlands and the International Institute of Humanitarian Law in Italy.

Keely holds a PhD on the application of international law to climate change damage, with a case study on Tuvalua and Australia. She has a Bachelor of Law (Hons)/Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Wollongong. Keely is a Research Associate at the University Technology, Sydney and a Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Wollongong.

Stephen Leonard (President)

Stephen Leonard is the President of the CJP and an Australian private practitioner with a decade of expertise in litigation across a number of jurisdictions in Australia. He has been the driving force behind the organisation’s work on World Heritage since 2007 and has worked as an international environmental legal consultant to observer organisations in the UNFCCC since 2009.

Julie-Anne Richards (Manager – International Policy)

Julie-Anne co-authored the report, Carbon Majors Funding Loss and Damage for the Climate Justice Programme. For more than a decade she has been part of campaigns fighting climate change. She coordinated strategy and lobbying campaigns at Climate Action Network International, an organisation with more than 700 member organisations in 90 countries. As Advocacy Coordinator for Oxfam Australia she played a key role in establishing Oxfam in the policy and campaigning climate change space within Australia, and co-authored a key Oxfam International paper on equity and climate change. At Climate Action Network Australia she successfully expanded climate change outside of the environment secgtor and facilitated a new approach to campaigning which led to a shift in awareness and increased concern about climate change. Her campaign and communication success draws from her previous career in marketing in the private sector.

Adam Kirk (Treasurer)

Adam Kirk is Treasurer of the CJP and General Manager (Business Development) of Australian Ethical Investments. Adam has extensive experience in leading business development and client relationship teams in superannuation and retail funds management. He has over 18 years experience in corporate superannuation and group risk as well as individual planning and risk. Adam previously worked for Australian Catholic Super where he led the business development, marketing and advice teams.

Phil Freeman (Committee Member)

Phil Freeman is a member of the CJP Committee. He works as National Manager of Communications at WWF Australia. Phil previously worked as Climate & Clean Energy Campaigner at the Australian Conservation Foundation. Phil established the Australian Climate Justice Program in 2003. Phil was also previously employed as Climate and Renewable Energy Campaigner at Greenpeace New Zealand. He has a BA/LLB in specializing in Geography, Environmental Policy and Law.

Lisa Ogle (Committee Member)

Lisa Ogle is a member of the Committee and an environmental legal consultant with extensive national and international experience. She holds degrees in Law and Commerce (UNSW) and a Masters degree in public international law (Leiden)(Hons). Lisa began her legal career with the commercial law firm, Minter Ellison in 1992, working in commercial litigation. In 1994, she moved to work for the leading public interest environmental legal centre in Australia, the Environmental Defender’s Office (NSW), where she spent four years as a solicitor conducting public interest environmental law test cases in the NSW Land and Environment Court, and three years as the EDO’s Director and Principal Solicitor. In 2001, Lisa was appointed by the United Nations as its Environmental Policy Advisor in the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET).

Since 2009, Lisa has combined her experience in environmental law, property law, international law and climate change law, to focus exclusively on REDD+. She has particular expertise in national and legal policy frameworks for REDD+, including in the areas of land tenure, carbon rights, social and environmental safeguards, and free prior and informed consent.

Bernadinus Steni (Secretary)

Bernadinus Steni is Secretary of the CJP and he holds a Law degree from the Faculty of Law Gadja Mada University, Indonesia. He has at least 10 years experience working with legal, environmental advocacy and land tenure issues including legal empowerment of indigenous peoples. Steni is actively involved in supporting REDD+ Agency in setting up social, environmental and governance safeguards for REDD+ at the national level, namely PRISAI. Since 2008, Steni has worked together with the global south coalition namely Accra Caucus and also actively worked in the Safeguards Working Group (SWG), an expert-based coalition for promoting safeguards at the UNFCCC. From 2009 to 2011 Steni was involved in designing the Governance Forest Initiatives (GFI) with WRI and five national NGOs in Indonesia. From 2011 until 2013 he worked as a safeguards specialist for REDD+ Task Force.